CEG Yeast

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Sweet and semi-sweet wine production

UVAFERM® CEG often slows or stops under stressed conditions, making it ideal for semi-sweet white or rosé wine production.

• Produces fruity esters
• Under normal fermentation conditions it ferments slow but steady
Saccharomyces cerevisiae cerevisiae strain
• Isolated by the Geisenheim Research Institute, Germany

CEG (Epernay II) Vi-A-Dry - Allergen Statement
CEG (Epernay II) Vi-A-Dry - Food Safety Statement
CEG (Epernay II) Vi-A-Dry - Non-GMO Statement
CEG (Epernay II) Vi-A-Dry - Safety Data Sheet
CEG (Epernay II) Vi-A-Dry - Specification Sheet
CEG (Epernay II) Vi-A-Dry - Technical Data Sheet