Our Suppliers

​​​Lallemand Oenology​​​​

Since the 1970’s, furthered its fermentation expertise by researching high quality wine active dry yeasts for the world wide oenology industry. Soon after, Lallemand Oenology started developing wine bacteria, but also nutrients and protectors for yeast and bacteria, and specific inactivated yeasts, for their contribution to the quality of wine.

​​​​​​​AB Vickers

AB Vickers has been a world leading manufacturer of brewing process aids since 1805. The AB Vickers range of process aids provides the brewer with options for improving process efficiency and enhancing beer quality.


Over the last 25 years, AIRD has been working hand-in-hand with wineries to develop industry specific hygiene solutions.


Armbruster has a passion for grapes, now spanning four generations. They know that grapes must be de-stemmed with the utmost care to preserve their essence; the promise of becoming a fine wine.


Arobois works the most noble material with passion and enthusiasm, to ensure that our woods are at the service of your products, thanks to our mastery and expertise.


The Erbslöh Group is the international specialist in processing and refinement of fruit-based beverages and a leader in research, development and production of treatment agents. For over 100 years Erbslöh has been a family-owned company. For many years Erbslöh has cooperated closely with institutes, universities and wine-production schools in research and development.


Garbellotto is currently the world leader in the sector of large barrel production, and is managed by the three Garbellotto brothers, who continue business expansion in the world markets, producing 100,000 hl capacity of barrels every year.

Institut Œnologique de Champagne

The IOC’s range of casual and innovative oenological products will match any step in the wine making, ageing, and cellaring of your still wines and any effervescent wines.


LANXESS is a global player with strong roots reaching as far back as 1863, the year Bayer was founded. Combining a long tradition with the dynamism of a young organization, LANXESS grew from a strategic realignment of the Bayer Group’s chemical and plastics businesses at the beginning of 2005.


Oenobrands designs and markets the oenological products of today and tomorrow. Its permanent innovation strategy allows the creation of solutions that provide an integrated answer for both the ambitions and desires of the winemakers, traders and consumers.

Pall Corporation

Pall Corporation is a global leader in high-tech filtration, separation, and purification, serving the diverse needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry.


PROENOL innovation consists in the development of a new industrial process for the immobilization of microorganisms in oenology.


Relvas is dedicated to the excellence of your champagne. Creating high quality champagne corks developed from carefully selected raw cork.


Sartorius' extensive filtration and purification portfolio helps you to overcome your major challenges. We partner closely with you and make sure you get the most reliable and economical as well as the safest solution for your application.


Stabifix has a clear attitude towards high purity beer brewing. Our attitude towards the purification process brewing helped us develop a range of adsorbents that meet the requirements of insolubility and physical functionality.

World Cooperage

World Cooperage is a family-owned company building on four generations of experience in the oak industry. Our story is rooted in family values, technology and innovation.

2B FermControl

2B FermControl has a focus on alternative and naturally derived fermentation products for quality winemaking. This applies to all premium wines, both certified organic and standard quality. We produce our fermentation products with natural raw materials from organic certified agriculture.


Tapì is an international group specializing in the design and production of miniature packaging design masterpieces. It is present in more than 60 countries and supplies over 3000 customers from the beverage, condiment and cosmetic industries. Tapì is well known in the spirits industry for its high-quality bartop stoppers.