BENTOLACT S is most commonly used to prevent and treat oxidation.

• Can be used in juice or wine, but is most effective when used early in the winemaking process
• Can help clean up moldy fruit
• Can help to remove volatile sulfur off-odors
• Can help to remove bitter characters
• Assist with clarification
• Proprietary IOC blend of soluble casein and bentonite

Bench trials recommended
Juice 20–100 g/hL
Wine 100–200 g/hL

Suspend BENTOLACT S in approximately 10 times its weight in cold water and mix vigorously to remove lumps. Mix well and allow the mixture to stand for 3 hours. Add during a pump-over or a good mixing. BENTOLACT S additions may take up to 7 days to settle. Once hydrated, BENTOLACT S should not be stored for more than 24 hours.

Dated expiration. Store in a dry, odor-free and well-ventilated environment below 25°C (77°F). Reseal opened packaging immediately.