Backflush Plates for Scott Lenticular

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Regeneration of modules includes a backflush followed by a forward flush. While backflushing is very effective at removing larger surface caking on the outside of the filter media, a forward flow regeneration helps to dissolve the soluble material within the matrix of the media.

Backflush plates are highly recommended for regenerating the media. The plates provide additional support and reduce the risk of possible tearing or deformation of the modules, not just during backflushing but also during forward flow regenerations, as well as during filtration at higher differential pressures. Backflush plates consist of end plates as well as thicker intermediate plates for more than 1 stacked disc.

The end plates appear somewhat loose and are not held down tightly. The backflush plate set was ultimately designed to work with the turbulence of the liquid during a regeneration or filtration to protect the media and ensure a longer lifespan of the modules and quality of the filtrate.

Please contact Scott Labs to verify whether your modules are compatible with Seitz Supradisc II backflush support plates.

How to size Backflush Plate sets for each housing

For 1-high housing: 2 end plates are needed
For 2-high housing: 2 end plates and 1 intermediate are needed
For 3-high housing: 2 end plates and 2 intermediate are needed
For 4-high housing: 2 end plates and 3 intermediate are needed

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