VP41 Malolactic Bacteria

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Oenococcus oeni adapted to high SO2 and alcohol, enhances complexity and mouthfeel

Lalvin VP41™ was isolated in Italy during an extensive European Union collaboration.

Chosen for its strong implantation, steady fermentation, high alcohol tolerance (up to 16% v/v), enhanced mouthfeel and ability to improve wine structure. Both red and white wines fermented with VP41 have increased richness and complexity.

An excellent strain for restarting stuck malolactic fermentation. At temperatures below 16°C(61°F) it is a slow starter but can complete fermentation.

Add directly to wine and mix thoroughly.

Dated expiration. For short term (<18 months) store at 4°C(40°F). For long term (>18 months) store at –18°C(0°F).

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