ViniTannin Multi Extra

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VINITANNIN™ MULTI-EXTRA is a highly purified tannin preparation derived from high quality red grape skins.

• Can be used for 4 applications: during cold soak, fermentation, after pressing–off and for re finement before bottling.
• Helps to optimize colour concentration and stabilization of colour pigments (anthocyanin chains) in the juice or wine stage.
• Improves colour intensity and the texture of the wines without adding any bitterness or harsh astringent flavours.
• Improves the aging potential of the wine.

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Dissolve 100 g of VINITANNIN™ MULTI-EXTRA in 1 L of liquid (water, wine) at a temperature of 40–50°C (104–122°F). Acidify the suspension with 10 g/L of tartaric acid and stir well. Follow this by adding the suspension homogenously into the juice or mash. It is very important to add the VINITANNIN™ MULTI-EXTRA always before adding SO2 . For optimal results, we recommend to apply VINITANNIN™ MULTI-EXTRA as early as possible in the pre–sulphur stage, minimum 1 day before adding any SO2 . This will lead to stable colours, anthocyanin chains and the best possible integration of the product into the wine’s own molecular structure. If used just prior to bottling, please do not perform the final filtration for at least 10 days.

Dated expiration. Unopened the shelf life is approximately 2 years at room temperature (25–30°C/77–86°F). Protect against light and humidity. Once opened, use within 1 month.