THERMIC Bung Insert

The Oak LabTM thermic range of products undergoes a unique heating combustion-free process, resulting in a high level of accuracy and consistency.
This combustion-free process produces zero smoke and zero emission, removes unwanted tannins and resins and allows for a temperature control within an accuracy of 0,5o F throughout the process.

Five profile colors are available:

Profile Color




Clean, bright, sweetFresh and light, addition of length


Nutty, toasty, toffeeRounding, boost of mid-palate


Vanilla, dark fruits, complexityTexture, weighty, unctuous


Warm, rich, spiceFull, viscous, rich


Espresso, smoked meat, complexityBalanced, rich, round

Trials are recommended to determine the best number, or blend of numbers, for your wine/spirit.

Trial kits are available upon request.


Bung sleeves are added during the fermentation and aging process. Bung sleeves are added to barrels directly through the bung hole. Each sleeve is made of 20 sections of oak in food grade polyethylene netting and fastened to the barrel bung with a #304 stainless steel eyelet.

Size: 20 sections — 9" x 1" x 7/8" ea.
Surface area: 5.5 sq. ft.
Dosage rate: 1 per 60 gallons
Contact time: 1-12 months
Oak variety: Quercus alba 

Please consult the Oak Lab Brochure for further information.