Seitz MembraCart XL - Code 7

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Seitz MEMBRAacart XL II filter cartridges by Pall were developed and validated for the beverage industry to provide secure and reliable removal of spoilage microorganisms. The medium is a highly efficient polyethersulfone membrane which, in combination with the construction of the MEMBRAcart XL II filter, ensures excellent service life and filtration results.

The MEMBRAcart XLI II is an excellent choice as a final filter prior to bottling or storage of beverages and liquid food products.

  • Inert filter material can preserve the organoleptic properties of the product
  • Reliable reduction of microorganisms
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Repeated sterilization capability for economical operation
  • Easy to wet with cold water for integrity testing
Pall General Operating Guidelines
Seitz Bubble Point Test
Seitz MembraCart XL - Technical Data Sheet