Scottzyme KS Plus

Enzyme blend for enhanced clarification and filtration of difficult lots

Scottzyme® KS Plus is a powerful liquid enzyme created for use in wine that is very difficult to clarify. It has higher enzyme activities for the most difficult tasks. Scottzyme KS Plus should be used on finished wine only, either to assist with settling or to help with filtration issues before bottling.


Bench trials recommended for wine

Fruit: not recommended
Juice: not recommended
Wine: 4 mL/hL


Dilute Scottzyme KS Plus to approximately a 10% solution in cool water. Add to the wine after alcoholic fermentation during a tank mixing.

Warning: Never use Scottzyme KS Plus before pressing or on the juice. It is our most aggressive enzyme and may result in over clarification of juice.


Store at 4°C(40°F) for 1–2 years. Keep tightly sealed and refrigerated once opened.