SCOTTCART Final Membrane Filter (Code 7)

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Single layer asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane cartridge filters with supporting layers of polypropylene ensuring a long service life for wine, sparkling wine and cider.

ScottCart Membrane PES filter cartridges are pleated membrane filter cartridges with a single layer asymmetrical polyether sulfone membrane inside. Membrane PES has been especially designed for the filtration of wine and sparkling wine, prior to bottling. ScottCart Membrane PES offers a very high flow rate and total throughput combined with an excellent chemical regeneration capability.

The ScottCart Membrane PES comes in 0.45 and 0.65 micron porosities with the highest retention ratings and total throughputs.

ScottCart Final Membrane - Directions for Preparation & Regeneration
ScottCart Final Membrane - Directions for Use
ScottCart Final Membrane - Quality Certification
ScottCart Final Membrane - Technical Data Sheet
ScottCart Final Membrane - Validation Guide