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It is an antifoam agent that can be optimally applied in fruit, grain and potato distilling. The properties of interface-active substances effectively prevent undesired foam formation during fermentation and distillation. Schaum-Ex lowers the surface tension of the mash until a formation of foam bubbles is prevented.

  • 2-4 mL/hL fruit mash
  • 20-40 mL/ton grain mash, poor in protein substances
  • 40-80 mL/ton grain mash, rich in protein substances, or potato mash

Add the product to the mash without pre-dilution. Provide for even distribution by mixing thoroughly. It is also possible to add the product into the still, shortly before distillation. If desired, the product can be diluted with water to a 10-20% emulsion.

Store in a cool place. Reseal opened packaging tightly.

Schaum-Ex - Allergen Statement
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Schaum-Ex - Safety Data Sheet
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