O-Mega Malolactic Bacteria

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Oenococcus oeni adapted to high alcohol and cooler temperatures

O-MEGA™ is the most robust strain in Scott Laboratories’ portfolio. It is highly suitable for conducting malolactic fermentation in high alcohol, low temperature, or low pH situations. O-MEGA lends balance and complements aromas by bringing freshness; however, it is not recommended for wines with herbaceous or vegetative notes, as these will be amplified.

• Contributes to freshness and mineral/citrus notes in white wines
• In red wines, notes of red and dark berries like redcurrant, strawberry, blackcurrant, and blackberry are increased
• Selected for its ability to complete MLF even under challenging wine conditions of high alcohol, low pH, and low temperatures
• May help stabilize color due to its slow degradation of acetaldehyde
• Has a late degradation of citric acid resulting in very low diacetyl and VA levels, and is tolerant to levels of lactic acid that can be inhibitory to other ML strains
Oenococcus oeni isolated in the south of France by the Institut du Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV) in Burgundy

Add directly to wine and mix thoroughly.

Dated expiration. For short term (<18 months) store at 4°C(40°F). For long term (>18 months) store at –18°C(0°F).

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