K1-1116 yeast

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Strong fermenter for ester production and challenging conditions

Lalvin K1 (V1116)™ is one of the highest ester producing strains in our portfolio. When fermented at low temperatures (16°C/61°F) with proper nutrition, it is a strong floral ester producer, especially in neutral or high-yielding varieties.

K1 (V1116) performs well in difficult conditions such as extreme temperatures, high alcohol (18% v/v) and low turbidity and is useful in restarting stuck fermentations, especially when relative fructose levels remain high.

K-1 (V1116) YEAST - Allergen Statement
K-1 (V1116) YEAST - Food Safety Statement
K-1 (V1116) YEAST - Non-GMO Statement
K-1 (V1116) YEAST - Safety Data Sheet
K-1 (V1116) YEAST - Technical Data Sheet