Inodose SO2 Tablets

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Effervescent sulfur dioxide tablets

INODOSE TABLETS are ideal for adjusting SO2 levels in barrels and small tanks. They are pre-measured into convenient package sizes (2 g and 5 g) to make SO2 additions easier and safer.

• Blend of potassium metabisulfite and potassium bicarbonate
• Start to dissolve upon addition, releasing a precise dose of total SO2 (free SO2 will increase based on conditions)
• Pre-determined dose helps eliminate errors in the cellar
• Sealed strip packages keep unused tablets fresh for optimal efficacy
• Potassium bicarbonate portion assists with mixing and has little or no effect on pH
• The effervescent action of the bicarbonate assists with mixing in barrels or small tanks while reducing time and labor needed for stirring

Various applications include:
  • Add to gondolas or picking bins to inhibit oxidation of grapes and juice, especially from Botrytis or mold.
  • Add during transport of must or juice.
  • To inhibit indigenous yeast and bacteria.
  • Add in tanks before or after fermentation.
  • Add directly into barrels after malolactic fermentation.
  • To make SO2 additions to wine during aging.
Store in a dry, well-ventilated environment at temperatures below 25°C(77°F). Once the pack has been opened it should be used immediately.

​​​​Note: The tablet sizes (2g and 5g) describe the Total SO2 dose in each tablet, not the total weight of each tablet. The total weight of each tablet will be more than 2 or 5g due to the weight of the other ingredient, potassium bicarbonate.​​​​

Inodose Tablets 2 - Allergen Statement
Inodose Tablets 2 - Food Safety Statement
Inodose Tablets 2 - Non-GMO Statement
Inodose Tablets 2 - Safety Data Sheet
Inodose Tablets 2 - Specification Sheet
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Inodose Tablets 5 - Allergen Statement
Inodose Tablets 5 - Food Safety Statement
Inodose Tablets 5 - Non-GMO Statement
Inodose Tablets 5 - Safety Data Sheet
Inodose Tablets 5 - Specification Sheet
Inodose Tablets 5 - Technical Data Sheet