ICV D47 Yeast

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Complex whites with citrus and floral expression

LALVIN ICV D47™ is a high polysaccharide and ester producing strain suitable for both tank and barrel-fermented white and rosé wines.

• Produces full-bodied, complex wines with citrus, stone fruit, tropical fruit, and floral aromas
• Stir and increase temperature to 17-20°C (63-68°F) at end of fermentation for a cleaner finish
• Suitable for lees aging, where spicy notes can develop
Saccharomyces cerevisiae cerevisiae strain
• Isolated from Suze-la-Rousse in the Côtes du Rhône region of France

ICV-D47 YEAST - Allergen Statement
ICV-D47 YEAST - Food Safety Statement
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ICV-D47 YEAST - Safety Data Sheet