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GRANUCOL® products are made of activated carbon pellets of plant origin. The carbon pellets undergo a special production process that ensures high adsorbency properties and easy dissolution before use.

GRANUCOL® GE : Used to absorb off-aromas and off-flavors.
• Especially useful in removing moldy aromas from grapes contaminated with rot
• Activated carbon in pellet form
• Easy to use

GRANUCOL® FA : Used to eliminate unwanted color in juice and wine.
• Can help remove brown pigments due to oxidation
• Can reduce red pigments in rosé juice and wine
• Activated carbon in pellet form
• Easy to use

GRANUCOL®BI : For the reduction of tannins and polyphenols, and the decolorization of high-color wines.
• Removes tannins and polyphenols
• Contact Time: 24 hours
• Activated carbon pellets prepared for ease of use in the cellar

  • Wine: 10-100 g/hL
  • Juice: 10-100 g/hL
  • Beer: 10-30 g/hL
  • Spirits: 50-100 g/hL
  • Wine: 10-30 g/hL
  • Juice: 10-100 g/hL
  • Spirits: 50-100 g/hL
  • Wine: 10-50 g/hL
  • Beer: 200-400 g/hL
Please note that bench trials are recommended to determine the exact dose of activated carbon required.

Granucol shall be dissolved before use. The dosage of Granucol can be during a precoat filtration or in advance of a fining.

Spirits shall be treated in drinking strength (up to 55% by volume). Bench trials are recommended.

Activated carbon is very sensitive to odour and moisture. Granucol must be protected from moisture and foreign odours. Reseal opened packagings immediately tightly.

Granucol - Instructions of use for wine
Granucol - Non-GMO Declaration
Granucol BI - Allergen Statement
Granucol BI - Safety Data Sheet
Granucol BI - Specifications Sheet
Granucol FA - Allergen Statement
Granucol FA - Safety Data Sheet
Granucol FA - Specifications Sheet
Granucol GE - Allergen Statement
Granucol GE - Safety Data Sheet
Granucol GE - Specifications Sheet
Granucol -Technical Data Sheet