FT Rouge Berry

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Enhances red berry fruit, diminishes vegetative notes

Scott’Tan™ FT Rouge Berry is a mixture of condensed tannins extracted from the wood of red berry plants. The use of FT Rouge Berry during alcoholic fermentation in combination with yeast strains that have beta-glycosidase activity (Lalvin 71B™, Lalvin ICV GRE™) allows for the development of enhanced red berry characters. Resulting wines present intense aromas of cherry, strawberry, and blueberry, which complement varietal and fermentation aromas. FT Rouge Berry can also diminish green/vegetative notes in underripe fruit. FT Rouge Berry promotes the stabilization of color and prevents oxidation of the primary aromas.

Rosé Must: 2–15 g/hL 
Red Must: 5–20 g/hL 

Add FT Rouge Berry at the first pump-over or punch-down, or 24–48 hours after yeast inoculation. Dissolve in ten times its weight of water before adding.

Dated expiration. Unopened, store in a cool dry, ventilated area. Once opened, carefully reseal and use within the same harvest.

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