EC1118 Yeast

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Original sparkling wine strain

Lalvin EC1118™ is the original, steady, low-foamer yeast strain. This Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus strain was selected by the IOC in Epernay, France and is the reference strain for sparkling base wine. It is an excellent choice for secondary fermentations of sparkling wine.

Ferments well at low temperatures and flocculates with compact lees. Under low nutrient conditions EC1118 can produce high amounts of SO2 (up to 50 ppm) and, as a result, may inhibit malolactic fermentation.

EC1118 (Prise de Mousse) - Allergen Statement
EC1118 (Prise de Mousse) - Food Safety Statement
EC1118 (Prise de Mousse) - Non-GMO Statement
EC1118 (Prise de Mousse) - Safety Data Sheet
EC1118 (Prise de Mousse) - Specification Sheet
EC1118 (Prise de Mousse) - Technical Data Sheet