Scott Labs Cork Program


Scott Labs was the first cork company in the world to use Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) testing for our entire inventory, and the first to use SO2 to protect natural cork. After four years of research and trials, we launched ScottPlus™, a revolutionary process that combines two technologies for the removal of TCA and other off aromas.

ScottPlus: The Clean Cork with a Clear Promise delivered at scale, with the Scott Laboratories legendary promise of quality and integrity.

Scott Laboratories is the oldest supplier to the North American wine industry, with its roots tracing back to 1933, just days after the end of Prohibition. The company is currently in the third generation of family management.


Scott Labs is the only independent North American-owned cork company. Our independence is the cornerstone of our program.
  • Independence protects customer interest over supplier interest. We have the unique ability to accept only those lots of cork that meet the most stringent quality control specifications in the world.
  • Our TCA testing protocols are done prior to even purchasing raw materials. These tests are performed by independent laboratories. We believe that third-party testing removes any conflict of interest within the supply chain.