Clarifiant S

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Liquid preparation of sodium bentonite specially selected for riddling

Clarifiant S is a liquid preparation of sodium bentonite that can be used for both manual and automatic riddling. Clarifiant S helps create a compact sediment in the bottle that can move easily down into the neck during the riddling process. Clarifiant S has a gentle mode of action resulting in brilliantly clear wines. The efficiency of Clarifiant S is improved when used in conjunction with Phosphates Mazure.

Recommended Dosage
  • 700–800 ppm (70–80 mL/hL; 2.6–3.0 L/1000 gal)
  • If Clarifiant S and Phosphates Mazure are used together, the following dose rate is recommended: 600–800 ppm (60–80 mL/hL; 2.3–3.0 L/1000 gal)

Shake the bottle well before use. No additional product preparation is required. Clarifiant S can be added directly to the wine after the yeast and sugar have been added. The tank must be continually mixed during the bottling operation in order to remain homogenous. If using in conjunction with Phosphates Mazure (20 mL/hL), add the Clarifiant S first.

Dated expiration.

Store in a dark, dry environment at a temperature between 5–25°C(41–77°F). Once opened, use immediately.

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